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Local E-Waste & Hard Drive Recycling Services

Convenient, full-service e-Waste recycling solutions for business and organizations of any size.   

Our on-site secure data destruction service can be utilized for classified data or highly sensitive business data which cannot leave a cleared facility or a specific business location.


You can monitor all destruction from start to finish and will receive a certificate of destruction listing each item’s serial number to ensure HIPAA and FACTA compliance. Do not put your customers’ or your business’s sensitive information at risk.


Materials leaving your location will have been physically destroyed, ready to be recycled into useful products once again.

Hard Drive Shredding Services

Shredding is the most secure way to destroy electronic data on rotary (HDD) or solid-state (SSD) drives that have reached the end of their lives. It is also safe and effective for use on optical drives, smartphones, tablets, RAM, flash drives and backup tapes. This service allows business and organizations to remain in compliance with HIPAA statutes and FACTA laws. 

In order to uphold our commitment to customer convenience, our mobile hard drive shredding unit can be deployed (generally within a five-day scheduling window) to your facility, along with a certified operator, for on-site physical data destruction. No need to worry about taking too long as our truck is capable of shredding over 200 drives per hour. 

We take pride in our work here at Summit E-Cycle, and customers notice! Some of our customers favorite parts about working with us is the fact that we offer: 


  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups OR on-demand service 
  • A secure chain of custody at every touch point 
  • A certificate of hard drive destruction after each service 
  • Shredded material is recycled with local partners 


Electronics Recycling

e-Waste is a name given to any piece of electronic equipment that is at the end of its useful life, whether due to long term damage or policy requirements, the device is required to be decommissioned from your organization. Some of these products can be refurbished and resold in order to promote eco-friendliness and minimize waste. In 2008, there was 4.6 billion pounds of e-waste in the United States. For reference, it would take over 350,000 elephants standing on a scale to equate to how much waste was created that year.  

The most shocking portion of that statistic is that less than 900 million pounds (19%) of that waste was recycled. Most of items ended up in landfills across the United States or were shipped to other countries such as China, India, Malaysia, and Pakistan.  

Our eco-friendly e-Waste solution is a commitment to doing our part in minimizing the human impact on our planet. 

Our electronics recycling demonstrates a commitment to our planet. A commitment to doing our part in minimizing the human impact on our planet leads to multiple advantages for your organization, assuring you that you can rest easy knowing that: 

  • It protects the environment
  • It reduces business costs
  • It supports non-renewable recycling
  • It shows your eco-friendly credentials
  • It’s super easy – just call us to schedule a pickup or drop-off



IT Asset Disposition

Are you a business or organization upgrading your computers? ITAD can offset a portion of that cost. Contact us for a list of assets we can purchase outright or remarket to fund the purchase of new equipment.  

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a process of remarketing technology with the intent to maximize returns to the client. All assets will have hard drives shredded on-site or will be transported to our facility and be completely wiped of any data prior to remarketing. Summit E-Cycle can handle the logistics of transporting any assets from your facility to ours.  

Community Recycle Days

Summit e-Waste is proud to work with local
districts and townships to participate in
pre-existing events or offer standalone community
electronics recycling events. Residents can drop off
any e-waste. This includes all TVs (fee for disposal
of CRT “tube” TVs), desktop computers, laptops,
printers, keyboards/mouses, printers, stereos,
household appliances (microwaves, vacuum
cleaners, etc.), cell phones, game systems,
VCR/DVD players, batteries, and cords/cables.
Residents can choose to watch their hard drives
containing sensitive data destroyed in our shredder
If you have questions or to schedule an event,
please call coordinator Ben Baker at 330-800-6657.