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Data Destruction vs. Deletion

There is sometimes confusion about the terms data deletion and destruction, but they are not the same thing. When data is deleted, it is no longer accessible by the operating system (OS) but it is still possible to recover the deleted information.

Data destruction is a much more thorough process of eliminating data so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be retrieved or used for unauthorized purposes.

Sensitive data is often stored on tapes, hard disks, rotary (HDD) or solid-state (SSD) drives, and other forms of electronic media such as smartphones, tablets, RAM, or flash drives.

Some data destruction services employ a method known as degaussing, which damages the magnetic storage field. Depending on the strength of the degaussing process, the physical hard drive can be repurposed after the data is wiped.

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What Summit E-Waste Recycling Solutions Uses

However, the much more secure method is physical data destruction with a shredder which makes them unrecoverable.

For this purpose, Summit EWaste uses Series 1 HDDSSD shredders; an industrial shredder manufactured by AmeriShred Corp. It has a dualhead cutting chamber that will shred solidstate drives on one side and rotary hard drives on the other.

Series 1 HDDSSD shredders will shred most standard SSDs, cell phones, memory cards, circuit boards & thumb drives to 3/8′′ wide particles.

This small shred size is required to destroy all the memory chips SSDs use to store data. Our stateoftheart equipment is also capable of shredding over 200 drives per hour.

HIPAA and FACTA Guidelines

If you are a business with HIPAA or other regulatory compliance requirements, then you need to care about secure data destruction. Without properly destroying data, your customers’ highly sensitive information or your classified business data is at risk.

In today’s world, sensitive data is a hot commodity for bad actors and identity theft is rife. Companies need to be more aware than ever about how to protect themselves from leaks that could have dire legal and financial consequences.

HIPAA and FACTA regulations about data destruction are very strict. For one thing, they require a certificate of destruction listing each item’s serial number to ensure compliance.

Organizations that fall under HIPPA, FACTA, and NIST 800 guidelines must follow all the rules thoroughly to
avoid paying hefty fines or getting into legal trouble.

Save time, money, and protect yourself and your customer’s sensitive data by investing in a secure data destruction service.

Convience and Ease

We offer our clients regularly scheduled pickups or ondemand service depending on their specific needs. Our mobile hard drive shredding unit can be deployed to your facility, along with a certified operator, for onsite physical data destruction. A standard fiveday scheduling window applies in most cases.

When clients use our service, you can rest assured that we follow all regulatory guidelines including a secure chain of custody at every touch point that actually tracks serial numbers for individual drives.

We also provide a certificate of hard drive destruction after each and every service. The Series 1 HDDSSD shredder we use is also NIST 800, HIPAA and FACTA

Over Sixty 5 Star Google Reviews

This is my first time recycling our things here—outstanding experience. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the service was fast. Thank you!
Elliott Tegan

They consistently provide our IT department with excellent service. Whenever we ask for a pickup, they are on time, but they care about what they are doing. They promptly provide certificates of destruction for equipment that contains sensitive data.
Lewis Kelly

I was so happy to find this business! Covid has put an end to most paper shredding services recently but Ben was very accommodating and super friendly too! He shredded some documents for us and we are THRILLED to have found someone who can recycle all of our old computers and monitors that we have been storing in the basement all these years 😉
Jewli Sharpe

I am fortunate to have discovered Summit e-Waste in my search for a company to dispose of a decent sized pile of decommissioned equipment. They are extremely professional, courteous, and very timely.

Hard Drive destruction was lightning fast, with a certificate of destruction sent over immediately.

I will recommend Summit e-Waste to anyone looking for disposal and recycling. It’s truly great to have a local, small business like this right in our own community.

Josh Wozny

We were closing down an office and had a pretty decent pile of electronics we wanted to ethically and responsibly get rid of. Their company stood out above the others. They were professional, their crew showed up on time and efficiently packed the equipment and removed it.

Isabelle Catts

Why Choose Us?

Summit EWaste isn’t just any data destruction service, we go above and beyond to deliver our clients a high quality experience. We provide a convenient onsite data destruction process that is compliant with government regulations, all at superior value for money.