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e-Waste 4 Camp

Send children with disabilities to YMCA Camp by Recycling Electronics!

Summit e-Waste has created the e-Waste for Camp program in a effort to help send children with disabilities to Summer Camp where they will learn new skills, develop friendships, and gain independence. Funds raised through local businesses recycling their electronics are donated directly to the Akron Rotary Camp.

e-Waste 4 Camp

If you are a business in within 60 miles of Akron, OH, we would love to talk with you about hosting a collection box. Please fill out the form below and we’ll reach out!

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How the Camp Works

Northeast Ohio and surrounding area businesses and organizations are encouraged to gather electronics. The electronics can come from the business itself, employees, friends, and family members. Summit E-Waste provides boxes to collect items and will pick them up for FREE! For every pound of electronics recycled from your organization, a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to the Akron Rotary Camp and YMCA.

  • Summit e-Waste will provide collection boxes and pallets to your business.
  • Box dimensions are approximately 48″W x 40″L x 48″H, and they sit on top of a standard pallet. 
  • Electronics will be picked up by Summit e-Waste when they are full and recycled at no cost.
  • Summit e-Waste will track and record the net weight of electronics recycled from each participating location and provide a report and Certificate of Donation at the end of the campaign to the email address provided.
  • After weighing the items collected, Summit will donate .05/lb. directly to YMCA Camps. 
  • Acceptable items are – Computers (desktop & laptop, tablets, cell phones, printers, monitors, keyboards/mice, battery backups, servers, audio-visual equipment, etc.
  • CRT televisions and monitors will be collected; however, they will not contribute to the final donation due to the high recycling cost.
  • You will receive marketing materials that you can use to generate excitement about the event via email.

E-Waste 4 Camp FAQ

How often does the e-Waste for Camp fundraiser occur?

This free program runs year-round.

Can I participate if I don't own a business?

Sorry, e-Waste 4 Camp is designed to help businesses impact local lives. If you’re not a business owner, forward this website to your company’s Operations or IT Managers – it’s FREE to sign-up!

What happens to device hard drive information?

All drives are removed and physically destroyed in our shredding machine. We do also offer the option to shred drives on-site when picking up the bin. We only ask that the drives to be shredded on-site be removed and ready to go into the shredder when we arrive!

What does the YMCA Camp do?

The Akron Rotary Camp and Camp Y-Noah provide programs to hep children with disabilities learn new skills, develop friendships and gain independence and enrich their lives and their family’s lives. 

Should I advertise that my company is participating in the program?

Yes, we encourage our participants to spread the word among their family, friends, and employees!

About Summit E-Waste

Summit e-Waste Recycling Solutions is a local company in Akron, OH. We provide electronic recycling services to individuals and businesses alike. Our services include everything from Electronics Recycling to Data Destruction/Hard Drive Shredding and IT asset disposition.

Our goals are to help the next generation learn the value of recycling to help preserve our natural resources and the world around us. We wish to instill a green mentality in kids, and adults alike, to help build community and make sure this world continues to be beautiful for the generations to come.