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Community Recycle Events

We are proud members of our community and partner with businesses, cities, and non-profit organizations to host several recycle day events throughout the year.

What are community recycle day events?

Summit e-Waste is proud to work with local districts and townships to participate in pre-existing events or offer standalone community electronics recycling events. Residents can drop off any e-waste. This includes all TVs (fee for disposal of CRT “tube” TVs), desktop computers, laptops, printers, keyboards/mouses, printers, stereos, household appliances (microwaves, vacuum cleaners, etc.), cell phones, game systems, VCR/DVD players, batteries, and cords/cables. Residents can choose to watch their hard drives containing sensitive data destroyed in our shredder on-site.

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If you have questions or to schedule an event, please call coordinator Ben Baker at 330-800-6657.