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Have you ever thrown out an old electronic and gone about your day? Chances are, every person has done this before whether it be a battery, a cell phone with a cracked screen, or even an old television. Each item that is thrown out is sent to a landfill and sits there. 

But how much electronic waste is actually sitting in landfills? The current percent for the United States is approximately 2 percent. While this may seem like a low percentage, it is not something to ignore. But why? The answer to that question is that electronics in landfills equal 70 percent of toxic waste. Across the globe, in terms of weight, 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of each year. Out of all electronic devices, only 12.5 percent are recycled. 

Not only is this harmful to the planet, but people are also basically throwing away money. Cell phones and other electronic devices contain precious metals that have large dollar values when added up. Each year, nearly 60 million dollars worth of precious metals are thrown away with cell phones in the United States. What makes this situation even worse is that most “e-waste” is actually not e-waste at all. If your phone has a cracked screen, a dead battery, or some other functionality issues, it can oftentimes be repaired and used for a longer period of time. For phones with a more serious issue, these devices can be broken down into parts that can be used to fix issues in other devices. 

Next time you are throwing away an electronic, pause for a second and think about where it will end up and if there is a way to better dispose of the device. There are a ton of electronic recycling facilities popping up around the country that would be happy to take those old devices from you and find them a life! 

If you are located in Northeast Ohio, Summit E-Waste in Akron, Ohio is here for you. We have drop-off locations around the city or you can bring them to our facility. We also have been working with counties and townships all over to host local electronic recycling days where you can bring the old items in your car and we will unload them for you and recycle them too! To find out when our next event is, please refer to our Facebook page or reach out to us via phone or email. You can also call or email us to schedule a drop-off! 

We also have options for our local businesses! We will come to your business location and provide our services to destroy data devices, certifications of the safe destruction are provided! IF you have old devices, we will take them to recycle for you or help you to find a buyer for them! Call today if you are a business owner in Ohio with a pile of old devices and schedule a pick up today!