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Recycling your old and unused cell phones has many benefits. Some of these benefits include recycling the materials used for new phones, preventing harm to others and the environment, and even the possibility to get money out of it by selling them.. 

One of the main reasons it is important to recycle old or unused cell phones is to be able to reuse the materials. Up to 80% of the materials used in phones can be recycled to make a new one. Some of these resources are not easy to come by or mine. If one million phones are recycled 35,000 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver and 75 pounds of gold can be recycled. So being able to either let someone else reuse the phone or having a proper recycling facility recycle the materials prevents the need to get more material. 

Another reason it is important to recycle your old phones properly is it causes a lot of damage to the environment around it. This is mainly due to toxic materials used to make a phone. Some of the toxic materials used in the making of phones include lead, arsenic, and Mercury. All of these chemicals are dangerous for humans to come into contact with, but some of them are just as harmful to the surrounding environment. It harms the environment by seeping into water supplies or even the soil in the surrounding area, which can have detrimental effects. Even inhaling the fumes from some of these materials can be detrimental to someone’s health. Also falling into this category is the possibility of saving energy. 130 million phones are thrown away annually, and if they are recycled properly, they could power up to 24,000 homes for a whole year. 

Lastly, it is important to recycle phones to reduce clutter in your house while also being able to get money out of your old and unused phones. Many people just throw their phones away when they are done with them. Unfortunately in today’s world, many people do not do beneficial things unless they also get something out of it. Another thing that is beneficial to the community is charity. There are many charities that will take old phones to distribute them to underprivileged people who may not be able to afford them. This can make a huge impact on a person life who needs a phone for work. It could also even make an impact on people who may not be able to contact loved ones when they would like, without having to spend money or going through extra effort. 

In conclusion, we now know it is important to recycle old and unused phones in order to reuse the materials, reduce the amount of harm done to the environment, and give old or unused phones to the less fortunate. Even if you do not give your old phones away, there are still plenty of people that will buy them off you, so even you can benefit directly from them. 

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